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Why is Purpose
So Important
to Business Growth?

  • • Purpose is not just a lofty ideal; it is the driving force behind every decision and action.
  • • Purpose is what gives meaning to our work and inspires us to do our best.
  • • Purpose is the foundation upon which successful businesses are built.

Disrupting Legacy Industries, Businesses, and Communities with Innovation. Authenticity. Purpose.

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Jay Henderson

Echo Technologies

I'm honored and humbled to announce that Echo has been acquired by CES Power. I really appreciate all the insight and guidance that you provided over the past few months. I learned a ton and am so grateful for you.

Rahul Dubey


His skills and experience allow BSV to choose the right businesses which really help communities. He’s a great communicator and mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs as well. Look forward to continuing my collaboration.

Steve Nudelberg

On The Ball

As a consummate professional, and serial entrepreneur, he has continued to hone his skills to offer a tremendous solution to others who find themselves in the very position he was earlier in his career.

Diederick Van Der Knaap

Multiplied Core BV

Andy is an inspiring entrepreneur and business coach who has significantly contributed to our company, Multiplied, and my personal development... I highly recommend Andy to anyone in need of a business coach or an entrepreneur looking to shift their mindset and propel their company towards its destiny.

Paul Chapman

SCC Solutions, LLC

The Drive, he does not/will not quit and is always moving forward... Knowledge, he knows what it takes to get the product from you to the consumer, and will familiarize himself with the product even if he has to go down a rabbit hole for days...

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