Our Founding CEO

About Our Founding CEO

Andy Smith is a serial entrepreneur and most recently is serving as the Founding CEO of Blacksmith Ventures. BlackSmith Ventures was founded to take emerging and innovative products to market at scale. The product companies under BlackSmith Ventures are focused on forging execution, creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset to install a level of confidence and compliance for our customers.
Andy has founded and operated both B2B and B2C companies and loves taking an optimistic mindset, a great team, a strong network and an engineered approach to build great businesses with big visions and impactful and purposeful missions.
Andy has a background in engineering, but he’s an entrepreneur at heart.

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In January 2021, he and his team successfully rebranded SteelSafe Shelters to RemainSafe in order to take a regional player nationwide and further develop the company into a leader in the emergency preparedness space.
In mid 2021, Andy and his team founded Purified Simple Solutions. This entity helps food producers and oil and gas clients solve regulatory and clean energy problems.
In December 2021, CISTANT was founded to provide solutions that take the friction out of logistics. The first, and flagship product, AXL Eye, was developed which is a patented SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that will disrupt the mining and transportation industry for years to come.