About Our Founding CEO

Andy Smith is a father, husband, serial entrepreneur, venture builder, mentor, speaker, engineer, basketball coach, and most importantly, a man of strong faith.

Andy has founded and operated both B2B and B2C companies and loves taking an optimistic mindset, a great team, a strong network, and an engineered approach to build great businesses and brands that tell impactful and authentic stories.

Andy has a background in engineering, but he’s an entrepreneur at heart. He founded 11+ companies and exited two (2) for 8-figures.

In 2020, he founded Blacksmith Ventures with a vision to help leaders and businesses reach their full potential. His mission is to reshape storytelling, build bigger brands, ignite cultures, and forge leadership growth. The goal is to enable dedicated founders, entrepreneurs, and craftspeople shape their stories, build their brands, connect their customers, and guide the leaders of tomorrow.

You can learn more about Andy by visiting www.andysmithlife.com.