Are You Prepared?

That's kind of a vague topic, right? Yes, but its a question that many of us need to consider. My audience is largely Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners and here's a stat for you:
50% of all exits are forced due to unexpected events like death, disability, distress, disagreement, and divorce (the “5Ds”)
Special shout out to Heath Henderson who part of the Iron City group for putting this on my radar. We'll break it down more below.
But, thank you for being here. We reached around 3,500 readers last quarter. Thankful for each of you and hope you find encouragement, information, and support.
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In Today's Blog:
Weekly Wins/Lessons/Thoughts from the week:
I see a major opportunity for us to 🌉bridge 🌉 "old" and "new". In my weekly take-away I share what I'm focused on in case it helps you...
Are You Prepared
I spent some time this week talking about business exits. This report 👇
The National State of Owner Readiness Report came on my radar this week. Super interesting take-aways.
Here are five interesting take-aways for founders, business owners, and entrepreneurs from the report:
Exit Planning is Essential:
Understanding Company Value:
Integration with Personal and Financial Planning:
Proactive Wealth Management:
Contingency Planning:
My final take-away is that the earlier we plan, the better our chances of getting the most for our business with the greatest peace of mind. I have royally screwed this up in exits and I've had some go really well...

You Got This

Weekly Take-Away: 👉 How We are Bridging Old & New👈
Here are some things I'm working on to enable a culture and business that is primed for the future.
  1. 1. I’ve partnered with a local (to me) university’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center to grab young talent (and ideas) to make real change inside legacy businesses (think media, energy, manufacturing).
  2. 2. I’ve partnered with a LATAM based Tech company to bring talent and innovation to the USA

  3. 3. I’ve partnered with a diverse talent pool to bring efficiency and speed to our businesses.

The through-line in all of of this is using​​ Tech, Talent, and Creativity to INNOVATE.
Need help doing this inside your business, let me know.
Thank you for being here this week.
I'm off to NYC next week for some big developments and looking forward to an exciting trip...

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