Do You Need a Brand?

Lot of opinions on this one floating around in the ole ecosystem of experts... So, I will not be giving you my opinion(s), but I will share what trying to establish a personal brand has done for me and how I do it...

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Do You Need a Brand?

I am a VERY STRONG BELIEVER that your BUSINESS needs a brand. If you are the business then you are the brand.

I've exited multiple businesses, all because of BRAND.

But, what about you - the founder, business owner, entrepreneur?

First, what is brand?

Jeff Bezos said this,

"A brand is not a logo. It's not a tagline. A brand is how you make people feel. It's the experience you create and the reputation you build."

Jeff Bezos

I started on my journey to build a personal brand three (3) years ago.

My motivation was to build a network and try to send some positivity into a world that needed it more than ever before.

I believe entrepreneurship is one of the hardest professions and often very lonely... So, my goal was to see if I could just help one person. If they help one person, then that is what I call 'Infinite Impact'.

Now, you will encounter feedback and haters... I have rec'd a LOT of it...

So, if you haven't learned to block out the cheers and boo's on your entrepreneurial journey yet, you will... Both are just data points...

I have found this to be true about brand building and social media:

Content --> Connection --> Conversation --> Opportunity

I'll let you define "Opportunity" - money, network, impact, etc...

Cool, so let's say you want to start your brand building journey... Here is what I do (and did)...

  1. 1. I chose LinkedIn as my platform of choice.
  2. 2. I committed to posting daily (usually between 7-10am). This is late cause I was at a Lacrosse tournament from 6am…
  3. 3. I started by just sharing something about my day.
  4. 4. I realized that video was the fastest way for me to post cause it was easy…
  5. 5. I try to limit my social media posting time to 30-60 min per day. It took me like 2 hours to write a post in the beginning…

Along the way, I learned some lessons...

  1. 1. You’ll find your voice – eventually…
  2. 2. You’ll attract and repel people (that means its working)
  3. 3. Likes, comments, etc is vanity… Most people I meet who see my stuff have NEVER engaged with my stuff (and that’s ok).
  4. 4. You’ll inspire people.
  5. 5. You’ll offend people.
  6. 6. You’ll find a tribe.
  7. 7. Different people live on different platforms (FB, IG, X, TT, etc)
  8. 8. You’ll find the cheat codes to rapid content production (scheduling tools, video editors, etc, etc.). I don’t use chatGPT or ghost writers for content cause you can tell its not me…

Do I suggest you have a personal brand?

I have met amazing people from all over the world! I have found business partners, employees, and "opportunities" that I would have never found otherwise.

But, here is WHY I am a YES...

This morning at my middle kids lacrosse game a mom came up to me and said this,

"Andy, your posts inspire me. I always read them even though I don't "like" them, I love them. Thank you!".

Now, you don't have to be a sweetie pie.


If you decide you are ready and get stuck... just ping me... I'll share what I've learned...

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My brain is fried by 8pm... I'm a morning person...

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